Our Services

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Wellness Programming For Employees

Marigold provides high-impact wellness solutions for diverse and distributed teams. We draw on 20+ years of combined experience in event planning, coaching, and wellness design to curate practices that address the day-to-day challenges of life, both personally and professionally. Marigold leverages research-based programming to maximize engagement and inspire behavioral change.
Popular programs include:
  • Grounding Meditation for Busy Professionals
  • Mindful Forest Hike
  • Breathwork for Calm
  • Chair Yoga for Neck and Shoulders
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Wellness Coaching For Employees

Coaches serve as accountability partners and sounding boards to help you work towards your wellness goals.

Click here to schedule a free wellness coaching consult and learn more.  
  • Confidential 1:1 meetings.
  • An opportunity to increase self-awareness and develop resilience, motivation, and focus.
  • Create new personal habits, routines, and ways of thinking.


“Our Marigold yoga teacher is a perfect match. We love how relatable she is, she explains things well, and is well planned in her flow. Thank you for connecting her with us!”

Jennifer Kanwit
Business Partner, Shepard Financial

Our Unique Method

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Employee Wellness Audit + Report

Marigold will conduct a custom, anonymous survey of your staff and deliver a comprehensive report to leadership. This report will be used to identify common stressors, wellness interests, and other trends to direct strategy.
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Custom Designed Wellness Solutions

Marigold will design wellness programming to fit your budget, calendar, and employee interests to gain maximum participation.
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Delivery of Wellness Programming

Marigold will deliver science-backed mindfulness practices, creative team-building programs, resilience training, and individual wellness counseling. We'll provide help in marketing programs to your staff and deliver periodic evaluations of impact.

Here are some common questions that you might have.

What kind of wellness services do you offer?

Marigold provides mindfulness, movement, meditation, creativity workshops, wellness coaching, and stress management training.

How can I purchase Marigold’s workplace wellness services for my team?

Let’s chat! We’d love to learn more about your team’s wellness needs and interests, as well as stress points. Once we know a bit more about your goals, we’ll provide a comprehensive quote. Click here to connect!

What’s the difference between Marigold Wellness Programs and Marigold Wellness Coaching?

At Marigold, we seek to make it as simple as possible for business leaders to select services for their staff.  Individual and/or group wellness coaching services may be incorporated into any wellness program, but are also able to be separated from other program options, if desired. Click here to schedule a free wellness coaching consult! 

Do you provide one-off, singular workshops and coaching sessions? I’m not sure I want a year-round calendar of services.

We partner with you to design and deliver customized wellness programs that meet the needs of your employees. Our programming includes onsite experiences, virtual classes, corporate retreats, Lunch + Learn workshops, and Wellness Wednesday sessions. Our pricing structure includes monthly subscriptions, program packages, as well as singular programs designed for one-off experiences.

Do you offer your services outside of Maine?

Marigold currently offers year-round onsite services for Maine clients. However, we do partner for remote, customized programming series and coaching based on your interests. We are also available to travel for special one-off, in-person workshops or speaking engagements depending on your needs.